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It is believed that Baccarat originated in Italy and moved to France in the late 1400s. This age-old game gained huge popularity, and today is one of the most played card games in the world. Those interested in playing will find it easy to master both the gameplay and the wagering, and it is equally suited for both the high rollers and regular players, despite its reputation for being an aristocratic choice. In land-based casinos, it is often played in a special pit or in a separate room away from the rest of the casino floor. The reason for this is that the game is often (but not exclusively) played for high stakes, being a favourite amongst high rollers.

Baccarat became well known, and certainly held an air of mystery, thanks to Dr. No (1962), the very famous James Bond movie. The fascinating and legendary spy was shown several times while playing this game in a casino. With the explosion of online casinos, the game of baccarat has become more accessible, somewhat demystified, and less elitist, giving many more players the chance to play.

Players at can enjoy a number of card and table games, and among those is online Baccarat. This card game is unique in that, rather than playing, you bet on the result of the game. You can place a bet that the player hand will win, the banker hand will win, or that there will be a tie. Casino Midas has a wide variety of games, both involving strategy, like Blackjack, and involving a lucky intuition, like Online Baccarat.

How to Play

Baccarat at Casino Midas is played using fixed rules of drawing based on the best odds of a winning hand (similar to a Blackjack chart). The player and banker hands are simply placeholders, often instead labeled “Punto” and “Banco,” respectively. You can place a bet on the banker, the player, or bet that there will be a tie, and you can even vary your bet. In fact, betting a lower amount on a tie is a popular strategy, as the payout is 9 to 1 rather than the double or nothing payouts of the banker and player bets.

When the bets are placed, a card is dealt to the player, then the dealer, until each has two cards. If one has a hand worth eight or nine, the dealing is done and that hand wins. Otherwise, more cards are dealt until one loses or wins. The banker hand has a slightly higher likelihood of winning, so while both the player hand and banker hand bets pay out 1 to 1, 5% of the winnings for betting on the dealer’s hand goes to the house. This is a standard rule that evens out the house edge. Our online Baccarat has stunning graphics, animation, and sound effects that make it an unmatched virtual experience.

Online Baccarat Variations

As mentioned, Baccarat gameplay is quite schematic. Each game is played with a player and a banker hand. This results in three possible outcomes: a player win, a banker win, or a tie. Players place wagers on one of these options, and the hand is played out according to the rules of the specific variation. Like other games with hundreds of years of history, Baccarat has evolved into three main variants: Chemin de fer, Banque, and Punto Banco, which is North American Baccarat, and the most common form that is found for those players who play online. Each variation has its own rules and uniqueness.

We went over how to play Punto Banco in the “How to Play Baccarat” section above, as that’s the most popular variation and the one that’s available at Casino Midas. Rather than playing, you simply bet on the outcome of the game, a setup that’s the same in both land-based and online casinos alike.

Chemin de fer is the original. In this variation, one player is considered the banker and deals the cards. They place a bet, and one player can match their bet, or all the players can place bets lower than the banker bet. If all the bets combined do not equal or exceed the banker’s, people watching the game can bet on the outcome. Then, the player with the highest wager represents the rest of the nonbankers, everyone’s bet reliant on he or she winning the hand. The banker is a rotating position that changes at the end of every game. The same rules of Punto Banco apply, but the game continues based on the player’s strategies rather than automatically by the croupier. In the Banque variation, three decks are used, and the banker position doesn’t rotate, but stays with that player until the three decks are run through. Otherwise, it’s similar in rules to Chemin de fer.

Another option available at some casinos is Mini Baccarat. This is essentially the same game, but it is played on a half size table, which means that there are fewer players in each game. The table minimum bet and the table maximum bet are usually smaller as well.


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