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While a simplified version of physical poker, Video Poker still has the same goal of achieving a winning hand with five cards. At the beginning, the player is dealt five cards, some of which they can discard and swap to achieve the best hand. It’s widely considered one of the most fascinating betting options both in traditional casinos and in online lobbies, a combination of Slots and cards.

To play videopoker online, you need a basic understanding of poker hands, which can be learned by reading our how-to article or playing in practice mode. Players do not, however, need to understand the betting method used in regular poker games, as it is far simple to place videopoker wages.

Popular Variations of Videopoker

Videopoker started with the simple and original Jacks or Better and has since spawned a slew of variations. Some of the more popular are Tens or Better, Deuces Wild, Deuces and Joker, All American, and many more.

While the game is generally straightforward, it is important to know the rules of your chosen variation in order to ensure that you have the best advantage and strategies in place. In order to play any of the aforementioned variations well, it’s important to note the best hands, the worst hands, and the specialty cards if they apply. This will help you decide which cards to keep and which to discard. By making wise choices, you can swing the odds in your favour. Despite each having a familiar setup, the paytables and rules can be significantly different.

To give you an idea, Jacks or Better, the most common, popular, and the original, is a good place to start. Each tier of the paytable increases the number of coins you win. For example, a pair of Jacks or better wins your money back, while betting five coins of any value and building a Royal Flush wins you 4,000 coins!

All other videopoker variations are built on the principles of Jacks or better. As the name suggests, Tens or Better makes winning your money back a little easier with a pair of tens being the minimum for a payout. Deuces Wild adds the exciting addition of the two-card being a wild, taking the place of any other card for winning combinations. Deuces and Joker takes it up a notch by adding two jokers to the four two-card wilds, and All American Poker lowers the low hand payouts but increases the top hand payouts for high roller players. Nowhere are they better than at Casino Midas.

Video Poker Online at Casino Midas

At Casino Midas, Video Poker online are one of the most popular choices among South African players, especially given of the amazing bonus payouts, special features, and hot jackpots.

When playing videopoker online, you play against the software, and not against another person as a regular poker game would be played. The online casino uses special software that contains a random number generator in order to have the cards appear randomly on the screen. Videopoker is quick and exciting, and while players do need to apply some skill to play, it’s largely based on luck.

If you wish to play a new game, it’s worth it to take the time out before playing for real money and to test your strategy on some of the free demos available. For each variation, there will be different winning combinations, most of which are usually well-known poker hands. Using demo credits, you can familiarize yourself with the coin play, take note of the paytable, practice building the best hand, and get the general feel of it, all without spending any real cash.

As the technological advancements progress, so does the online casino industry. No platform of gaming has been more evident than the mobile device, a clear next step to betting convenience. From your phone or tablet, you have access to the Casino Midas lobby, with access to some of the world’s most exciting games not just from home, but on the go, too. Video Poker is no exception, with the winning potential at your fingertips when you’re stuck in traffic, in a waiting room, bored at the office, or any time the gambling bug bites.

We strive to be at the cutting edge of the industry and provide the best all-around experience to our South African players. From the Welcome Bonuses to the routine promos, from the huge selection to the multiplatform convenience, we have it all, and we’re expanding every day.


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