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Online Roulette

Among the most popular, exciting, and fun online casino games, you can almost always find online roulette. Even the most particular of players, those who love to take a spin at the most sparkling and technologically impressive online Slots, find it hard to resist the charm of this traditional table game. Taking a spin at the online Roulette table is truly a great way to try your luck and win a great jackpot!

The Origins of the Game

This is an ancient game with origins dating all the way back to the 18th century, and some even argue that rudimentary roulette was already in use at the time of the Roman Empire. Either way, Roulette is as European as they come, largely developed in Italy, England, and France, where it became particularly and incredibly popular. The game gained international notoriety when it was introduced to the United States during massive European migration from Europe. Since then, it has been attracting millions of gamblers every day both online and in brick and mortar casinos. It’s easily one of the most popular options in the Casino Midas lobby.

How to Play

The game has a fairly simple setup, but still offers a nice variety of betting options. That means that it’s fun and exciting for both new and veteran gamblers alike. Essentially, players need only to understand the table layout and how the betting works in order to play.

The rules are pretty straightforward. You’re simply guessing where the ball will stop on the reel by placing chips on the different areas of the table. The inside bets include single number betting as well as a few numbers grouped together. The outside bets include odd or even, black or red, or half section bets, as well as a third of the numbers columns. The inside bets have higher payouts and lower odds of winning, while the outside bets have lower payouts but higher odds of winning. Once players have acquired this knowledge, they’re ready to play. If you want to know more about how to play and some winning strategies, read our dedicated article and become a pro!

Types of Online Roulette

When playing in a land-based casino, the casino normally only offers one roulette variation, which is usually dependent on the country where the casino is located. When you choose to play online at Casino Midas, you have your pick of multiple roulette variations, including the European and the American ones. You can weigh your choices and options, or simply choose the game that you prefer or are more familiar with.

Each variation is unique in its own way; however, the distinguishing and defining qualities of the game remain the same. Whatever variation you play, there’s still a reel, there’s still a ball, and you’re still placing bets based on where the balls are going to land. In fact, the inside and outside betting areas always exist as well, though altered to match the variation of the reel.

The three most common variations are European, American, and French Roulette. All three have 36 pockets numbered 1-36, half black and half red. The only difference between the American and the European variants comes down to the green zero pocket(s). In the American variation, there are two, while in the European, there is one. The difference between European and French Roulette comes down to the setup of the betting areas. There are still inside and outside areas, but the inside betting areas are the middle rather than at the top, and the outside betting areas, while having the same betting options, are on the top and bottom.

The variations don’t end there. While not as common, you’ll often find some of the more unique versions of Roulette depending on the casino. Mini Roulette is a popular option, with less than half the numbers on the reel that increase the odds of winning an inside bet considerably. Another favourite is Progressive Roulette, which features a progressive jackpot similar to one that you would find in the Slots world. You simply place a side bet, and if the ball stops on the same number consecutively, payouts are rewarded, with the progressive jackpot being the top tier payout.

Play Online Games for Free

Even though luck plays a crucial role in this game, online casinos allow players to become familiar with the dynamics and the different variations without risking their money. Free demo versions are available in many online casinos (Casino Midas ZA, for example, has one of widest selection of free casino games online). The free version of a game is an exact copy of the real online game, with all the options available for you to try. The only difference is that you will not gamble demo credits instead of real money!



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