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According to most people, the best part of casino gaming is the Slots. These games can be played at all casinos, both land-based and online. They can be very exciting, especially with the many different choices available. While modern day Slots are based on the original mechanical version from a long time ago, they have evolved to such an extent that almost anything is possible. Nowadays, they cover a wide range of subjects and themes and offer an incredible amount of features, ensuring that every player will find something they will love.

South African gamblers have so much to look forward to when it comes to playing online Slots at our casino. At, players can spin their luck enjoying the benefits of the excellence that comes from a software provider like Real Time Gaming.

Types of Slot Machines

Slot machines are known by a number of different names, including Pokies and Fruit Machines. In New Zealand and Australia, they are colloquially called Pokies. Whether enjoyed in a pub, an arcade, a land-based casino, or even in an online casino, players in that corner of the world call them Pokies. Over in England, Slots are often called Fruit Machines. This is due to the images of fruits being used as the symbols, and “Fruities,” as they’re also known, often have special rules and bonuses that you won’t find on other machines, such as nudges and cheats.

The origin of the Slot machine is an interesting one. They were once called “One-Armed Bandits,” because they were operated by an “arm,” or the lever on the side. Today, both in brick-and-mortar and online casinos, there is no longer a need to pull a lever. Instead, they are operated by computer software and the wheels can be sent spinning at the push of a button. The software includes a random number generator, which ensures that the wheels will randomly form combinations when they stop their virtual spin. It is important that players know they’re playing at a reputable online casino, such as CasinoMidas ZA, in order to ensure that the software is trustworthy and transparent.

Originally, Slots had just three reels, but with the advancement of computers and their software, players can now enjoy five reels machines. This means that, rather than winning based on the symbols along a single line, multiple lines have been introduced. You can choose how many lines you play, from one all the way up to 50 or more. Each line can win independently, and each win adds up to a total payout. The more lines you play the more chances to win, and you get full control over your total bet.

Five reels also leave room for a vast number of line combinations rather than exclusively horizontal across the reels, including diagonal, vertical, triangular, zigzags, and moving paylines as well. This means more potential of matching those scatter symbols, those wild symbols, unlocking those bonus games, and just having more chances to get more cash. From a penny to multiple dollars, you have full control over how much you bet at a time, how many chances you have to win, and many even offer auto-play, where you can set the number of times you want it to spin automatically for some nice convenience.

Online Slots at Casino Midas

When looking to play online, South Africans want to know that they are getting value for their money. At CasinoMidas, players will find the best in entertainment and variety!

The large number of online Slots available at our casino includes both classic and video Slots, ranging from three reel to five reel games. There are progressive jackpot Slots and Slots that come with special bonuses (including free games). Not only do players have the choice of regular games. They can also choose from the very popular Reel Series Slots that have specially been created by the top software designers at Real Time Gaming. If you are a beginner or you want to know more about the differences between the different types of slots, here is an article that will clarify all the most common terminology and the criteria for categorizing these games.

For those who have not yet tried their hand at online Slots, you can always try out the games before you place real money wagers. Online casinos offers players the chance to play for free, which means that players can try out a number of games before making the decision where they would like to place their hard-earned cash during their online casino gaming experience.

In practice mode, players get the chance to try out the complete version with no limitation whatsoever. Although they will not win any real money, they will not be spending any real money either. Once a player has made a choice of which game they would like to play, they will be ready to play for real money and maybe win a big jackpot!



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